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Do you need a change? Let me help you! I am here to help you achieve your business and life goals by focusing on your strengths and passions and turning them into strategies and actions. 



Health discovery
Career enhancement
Life purpose exploration
Motivational strategies
Self-confidence and self-esteem boosting
Resume building
Organizational skills
Nurse consulting 
Any other goals you want to achieve!



 I offer a free 30-minute no obligation session to see if nurse coaching is right for you.

The Signature Package

This 6–month program will help you develop long term goals in a slower pace to ensure success. Success is not built overnight, but by planning, organizing, and initiating a system will help foster a promising future. This program will rebuild your daily routines to achieve your goals and maintain your successes. You will develop new changes overtime, one step at a time, ingraining new habits in your life so it becomes second nature. We will work one-on-one on your clarity, mindset, and strategy. These sessions are in-person or virtually. They are bi-weekly and will include email and text support in between. You will learn how to make better decisions and feel excited about life. I will also help you release negative energy blocks so that you can take consistent actions to create positive results. 

Three Month Coaching Package

This 90–day program will help you build a foundation to achieve your new lifestyle. You will learn how to adjust emotional behaviors while developing long term goals. This program will recharge your daily routine into a holistic perspective on getting what your heart desires. It is designed for people who are seeking a comprehensive shift in their life, with the opportunity to focus on many areas. It starts with one Foundational Session, followed by 5 bi-weekly 60-minute private coaching sessions (virtually) with email and text support in between. It will provide the tools to help you succeed. 

The Foundational Session

One 60-minute Breakthrough Session (in person or virtually) tailored to your specific needs. Then, there will be a follow up call 2-weeks later to talk about your successes. I can help you resolve a specific challenge, assist with difficult decision making, or gain clarity on what your next move should be. You will get the support you need to move forward in life. 

Nurse Consulting

Providing consultations and technical advice to groups or professionals on educational standpoints in the realm of nursing, clinically or academically.  (patient advice or legal advice will not be given)

Holistic Healing and Energy Healings

Curanderismo services available. Please visit: www.lalunacurandera.com 


I was doing pretty well but there were things I needed to focus on. I had been thinking about resetting my sleep/wake schedule and adding more mindfulness and meditation. I felt like these were do-able, yet I had not made them a priority. My experience working with April was very enjoyable. Her energy is calm and I felt I was her focus. She would be a great coach to anyone, especially those with a strong faith, and those who like to learn something new.

Janet Banks, RN

I learned that there are many different styles of mindfulness and I learned more about the benefits of mindfulness. I think I felt less stressed after our coaching sessions.

Sherri Culver, RN

April has been easy to connect with and is able to slow down and respectfully and thoughtfully embrace and practice the concept of mindfulness. She has found creative ways and methods to explore our practice time. It has been a pleasure to work with April and I look forward to see where her career goes. The possibilities are endless, and she will be an asset and gift to those she encounters

Peggy Lewis, RN

When I met April, I was juggling so many things in life wondering, constantly, how to fit all the pieces together. Being coached by her helped remind me of my resilience when it comes to managing anything in life! She had a calm, understanding, and compassionate approach to her coaching. I would definitely recommend April as a coach, she has an incredible ability to listen deeply, offer empathetic compassion, and ask questions in a way that creates clear goals to move forward.

Dana Ford, RN

“You get to choose who you want to be.”

                                                                                                                            ~Dr. April Lynn